Year 7,8,9 KS3 Science

What is Science and why do we need it? The term “science” applies to a remarkably broad set of challenges which include both creative thinking and analysing the factors that affect human decision-making. Science is also learning about testing a variety of ideas and developing skills.

Our KS3 classes offer experienced guidance and expert tutelage towards relevant scientific practice. Our knowledgeable and patient Science tutor enables students to build an appreciation for Science and embed a firm understanding of topics within the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students can begin to approach the difficult tasks and learn methods for improving the structure of their answers. All exam boards are covered.

Our KS3 Science classes are either in small groups or in a one-to-one setting. Students work through past papers or structured questions linked to specific topics. Occasionally, pupils watch short video clips in support of difficult concepts. Students are taught how to revise efficiently through mind maps, revision cards and using colours.

As a parent, you will receive regular feedback through e-mail or in person after the lesson. This presents an opportunity to discuss your child’s strengths, as well as their targets for improvement.

This course currently offered at RTC Tunbridge Wells  and RTC Sevenoaks
To find out more please contact your closest centre.