Year 7,8,9 KS3 English

Our KS3 English classes allow children to develop those all important tools of analysis. Children learn skills that enable them scrutinise the effects of language, link ideas and further their appreciation for imaginative and adventurous content.

The syllabus focuses on the four key areas of comprehension, textual analysis, poetry and the six main types of creative writing (story, newspaper report, play script, letter, leaflet and diary). Children are taught to pay rigorous attention to the mark scheme, develop clear and concise sentence structures and discuss ideas in an open, passionate and insightful manner.

These classes are the ideal preparation in the lead-up to KS4 and the demands of the GCSE/iGCSE programme. Coherent structuresof paragraphs, shaping an argument in response to a question and analysing complex material, are all essential skills that are broadly transferable to other academic disciplines; for instance, history, geography, religious studies  and politics.

Our KS3 English classes aim to relate directly to current affairs, allowing children to generate ideas and opinions on topics that are relevant to ongoing developments in the modern world.

This engaging and invigorating course, lends children a fresh impetus to their studies at Secondary level.

This course currently offered at RTC Rochester,  RTC Tunbridge Wells  and RTC Sevenoaks
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