Year 6 SATS Classes

Our Year 6 SATs classes provide the ideal preparation for children as they approach the transition to Secondary education. Classes alternate between Maths and English, week-upon-week.

Maths Classes:

Our Year 6 Maths classes look at developing a clinical approach to problem solving. Children are encouraged to show thorough and meticulous workings out.

Topics include: ratio, percentages, fractions, algebra, probability, area/volume and complex worded questions. Children are equipped with a rounded understanding of how to tackle Maths questions in a clear, methodical manner.

Through developing a systematic approach to mathematical problem solving, children gain the tools they need to be effective mathematicians at Secondary level.

English Classes:

Our Year 6 English classes are fun and engaging. These classes are balanced between a thorough focus towards the technical skills of spelling, punctuation and grammar rules, whilst also developing those vital tools of analysis that allow children to gain effective comprehension skills.

We also cover the six different types of creative writing (story, newspaper report, play script, letter, leaflet and diary). Children build a love of language and learn of the considerable power that they hold, as an individual, when the pen is in their grasp!

Whilst classes are geared principally towards preparing children for the SATs exams that they will sit later in Year 6, they are taught those core fundamentals that make them a productive learner for the long term. This ensures a seamless transition to Secondary school.

This course currently offered at RTC Rochester, and RTC Tunbridge Wells  
To find out more please contact your closest centre.