Year 4 Classes

Classes operate on a weekly rotation between Maths and English. Assessments are both formal and informal and include learning ten new spellings in each English week and being tested on ten mixed times tables at the beginning of every Maths week (where children are timed).

The Maths topics are developed in line with the national curriculum. Our tutors aim for children to build a solid grasp of the four core methodologies (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), measurement, area and perimeter of irregular shapes, fractions, decimals and worded problem solving questions.

Our English classes focus on developing a greater level of understanding and creative exuberance within the different styles of writing; for example, story, newspaper report writing, play scripts, letters, leaflets and diary writing. In addition, we devote significant attention to enhancing children’s technical skills within the areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

This course currently offered at RTC Rochester, RTC Tunbridge Wells
and RTC Tonbridge.  To find out more please contact your closest centre.