RTC Partners & Tutors

Meet some of our partners and tutors

Daisy Learmond, Designated Partner of The Right Tuition Company

Tutor Tunbridge Wells Rochester Sevenoaks Kent Tuition 11+ Tutors

As a child Daisy enjoyed all subjects but excelled academically. She became a member of Mensa at the age of 9 and later gained scholarship entry to six independent schools as well as achieving full marks in the 11+.

After school, she developed a passion for photography and  went on to specialise in cinematography at The University Of Surrey. After a short time working in the London film industry, she decided to take on a full time teaching role in her family’s tuition company, The Rochester Tuition Centre. Here, she taught for eight years, honing her skills and developing a true love for teaching. Later she went on to set up various businesses of her own including private tuition, educational authoring, property development and even mobile catering!

She has always had a keen interest in understanding the different ways in which children learn and loves nothing more than encouraging a child and watching their confidence grow. Daisy believes that in order to be a good teacher, more importantly than a degree, you need to have a genuine enthusiasm to impart knowledge. She is happy to be back in the family business where she is able to dedicate herself to the mission to make an enjoyable education available to all and looks forward to future projects such as opening a teacher training course for local adults to develop their own teaching skills.


Arthur Ponsonby, Designated Partner of The Right Tuition Company

After leaving Eton College, Arthur acquired a BA in Theology from the University of Leeds and then gained an MSc in International Relations Theory from the London School of Economics. Following a brief stint in the City, he received his teacher training at a London primary school before moving into the world of private tuition, teaching pupils successfully at both primary and secondary level.

Arthur takes parents and pupils through the process from start to finish. An introductory meeting is established to discuss progress at school and getting to know the pupils.  Parents and pupils are shown around the centre, discuss performance and develop a plan of lessons and support tailored to the child’s specific needs.

Maria Turner, Primary School Tutor

Maria qualified as a teacher in 1996, leaving behind a successful career in marketing.  At The Right Tuition Company, Maria teaches weekly Maths, English and Reasoning classes to more than 70 Year 4 and Year 5 students. 

Since our Tonbridge Centre opened in January 2019, Maria has continued, with the help of exclusive RTC learning material, to support many children’s journey towards passing the 11+ Kent Test.  Maria’s kind and patient approach is praised by students, parents and colleagues alike.  Maria is also a wonderfully talented artist.


Mike Humphreys, Secondary Level Maths Tutor

Mike sees the slightest gap in Maths knowledge as an exciting opportunity and he tirelessly makes it his mission to present the subject as something to conquer and even, enjoy.

Pupils say that he teaches in a very visual way and there is no surprise that KS3 and GCSE students queue up at our Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells centres to attend Mike’s inspirational lessons.


Tutor Tunbridge Wells Rochester Sevenoaks Kent Tuition 11+ TutorsMaud, French Tutor

I am a French native speaker, born near Paris. I studied in Paris and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Anthropology at the Université Paris V. From an early age I was very interested in languages. I studied German and English throughout my schooling and became a keen and active participant in my hometown’s twinning program. Upon finishing University, I decided to head to the UK, where I have been living on and off for nearly 20 years, and where I am today raising my bilingual family.

After a brief but nonetheless rewarding career in Arts Management, I undertook a teacher training course at Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne and became CELTA qualified (Grade A) in 2003. I have since taught French as a Foreign Language, EFL and ESOL both in France and the UK.My experience spans from classroom teaching in Further Education colleges and private language schools, to one-to-one tuitions with young pupils and adults, and small group teaching for corporate clients. I am therefore used to adapting my teaching style to each circumstance, level and age group.

I am passionate about passing on the necessary linguistic tools and knowledge to enable people to master and enjoy another language and feel privileged to be able to help people communicate with another culture!

Jenny Pettman, Tutor Partner

Jenny is a tutor at the Right Tuition Company, Rochester. She spends a great deal of her time at the school and loves the family atmosphere and the personal basis on which she gets to know both parents and pupils. She enjoys being able to support children in their educational development, as well as having the flexibility to gear the programme towards the needs of individual pupils.

Before she had her son in 2011, she worked for six years as a Primary School teacher but never returned to mainstream schooling. She was delighted to be offered a role as a tutor and partner at RTC in 2015 and is delighted to say that it is the most enjoyable and satisfying teaching role she has ever had.

Tutor Tunbridge Wells Rochester Sevenoaks Kent Tuition 11+ TutorsSylvia, Tutor

I am a creative and approachable tutor, and I work to share my enthusiasm for English language and literature. I also teach French, creative writing, study and presentation skills. I have an English degree, a teaching qualification and a good deal of experience in this country and abroad, in classes and on a one-to-one basis. My lessons are fun and interesting and I encourage participation and discussion. I help to dispel unhelpful beliefs – ‘I can’t do poetry’, ‘I can’t spell’  – and work with the least confident students to show them that they can. If my class doesn’t laugh at least once a lesson I consider I’ve failed. I don’t aim for specific boards :

I leave that to schools. Students can progress successfully once they have accurate knowledge of English grammar, the techniques to approach exam questions and thus the confidence to use their imagination and allow themselves to explore and stretch. This gets good marks, whatever the exam board.

Literature can be intimidating, but I have developed analytical methods that can be applied to the study of prose and poetry, and make them accessible least, and exciting at best. English may not be everyone’s favourite subject but everyone can find something to enjoy about it, and this is what I aim to show my students.


Anne-Marie Jordan, Tutor- Partner

Communication and language have bee

n at the heart of every role Anne-Marie has undertaken, from being a graduate at the world-renowned London Library to becoming a senior sub-editor for a weekly international newspaper.

In her spare time she enjoys creative writing and has been published in several poetry and short story anthologies, as well as getting involved in the local community. Her recent projects have included helping to organise Medway’s first St Patrick’s Day Parade, volunteering for Rochester Literary Festival and being on the committee of the Rochester Film Society.