Tonbridge Timetables, Dates & Policies

RTC Tonbridge Timetable January – July 2019 


Term 3: Thu 3 Jan – Sat 16 Feb
Term 4: Mon 25 Feb – Sat 6 Apr
Term 5: Mon 22 Apr – Sat 25 May
Term 6: Mon 3rd Jun – Sat 20 Jul

SUMMER HOLIDAY DATES 2019:  revision courses run throughout August, go to our revision page here: Tunbridge Wells Revision Courses


Please contact the office if you would like a copy of our Terms, conditions and policies. Every parent will be given a full copy of our T&Cs to sign upon registration.


Fees / Catch-up Classes at RTC Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge

From September 2019, RTC will be amending its fees’ policy in specific regard to the matter of classes missed. Thus far to date, RTC has allowed its customers to carry-over an indefinite number of classes where a pupil, or parent, feels that their child is unable to attend that week’s class. From the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year, a pupil that cannot attend their usual lesson, will be permitted the opportunity to slot into another class-time during the week.

However, if neither the catch-up class that is offered, nor the regular class-time slot be possible, the full charge of a lesson price will still be made. In such an instance, RTC will remain willing to send through the learning materials for that week. This, also, will be charged at the usual lesson price.

RTC hope that this amendment in our fees’ policy will further incentivise the regular attendance of pupils within their regular weekly slot. A considerable amount of thought and time has been taken in developing the syllabus of each year group. Pupils benefit from continuity of attendance. This way, a topic won’t be missed. In addition, pupils will continue to benefit from the guarantee of a small class size. 

Should you have any questions regarding this change in policy, please feel free to contact us.