“…I didn’t get a chance to thanks RTC for working with my daughter this year.  She has made such progress and has enjoyed the classes with you.  We have been so happy with RTC, especially now that she is revising for the delayed 11+ on October 15th.  I can clearly see what she has covered and it is work she revisits repeatedly, especially the Maths.  I feel my daughter is so prepared to sit the Kent Test – thank you.”

Parent to YR6 student – RTC Tunbridge Wells (08 October 2020)

Amelia came out of her first class at RTC grinning from ear-to-ear. “I loved it, mum. Arthur makes Maths fun!” she exclaimed. Her confidence has soared and she has been stretched further than she is at school. We are very happy parents! Thank you, Arthur.

Mother of Amelia (aged 9)

Lexie really enjoys going to RTC and we have certainly seen an improvement in her school work since she started her tutoring sessions. Her tutor, John, treats Lexie much more like an adult than the teachers at school do. For example, she is allowed to write in pen rather than pencil. The work is also more fun. One task was to write a newspaper report on a subject of her choice. This meant that she could choose something that interested her and the task became more interesting in itself. John always takes time with each child’s parent(s) at the end of each session, explaining what has been covered, what they have concentrated on and suggesting any tasks to do at home. He once even telephoned us as follow up when Lexie had struggled with something the day before. We are very impressed with the quality of tutoring and the support.

James, Father of Lexie (aged 8)

Just wanted to thank the tuition centre for all the help and teaching they provided; if it was not for the great quality tutoring you provided I would have definitely not achieved a Grade 9 in maths GCSE

Nikhil Sen, Pupil

We approached RTC when there was only 3-4 months left for the 11 plus test. The teacher Anne-Marie understood our requirements as parents quickly and assessed exactly what help was needed with my son to bring him to the level required. She knew we had set our targets high for a super selective and gave my son the extra push required. Anne-Marie will work closely with you as a parent; therefore, if I asked for extra help on algebra, for example, she would teach him strategies and provide extra learning materials with lots of questions. She is superb at working closely with the parents, keeping us updated and managing our concerns. She maintains a friendly enough rapport with the children so they don’t feel hesitant in asking questions. My son did well in the tests and the mock exam that Anne-Marie set I would say was a good benchmark to predict performance. Even to the last minute, Anne-Marie kept working with my son to really drill-down everything taught over months. The summer revision classes were of great help. I would recommend the centre to prospective parents with a child who has potential.

Mrs S, Mother of Ben (aged 10)

Sylvia, thank you so much. This is an ENORMOUS help!! I am going to go through this carefully and I will let you know if I have any further questions. Thank you, again, I feel a lot more relaxed now.

I just thought that I would let you know that I received a top mark in my dissertation, getting 78, and I have been published! Overall I got 69 which is a 2:1 just one mark off a first, which is frustrating; however, I have been given an award for such good progression with my marks! Thank you so much for all your help, I am thrilled.

An RTC student struggling with her dissertation.