Rochester Spring Mock

This is a standardised mock assessment for internal and external year 5 pupils, who are progressing through the year 5 programme. It is a great tool to help indicate your child’s skill level in all 11+ subjects as well as individual time management skills, abilities to remain focused for the duration of the test, and to manage any anxiety which may be felt when under exam pressure.

This assessment is essential for any child undertaking the 11+.

The papers we use are written in house and are not commercially available anywhere else.


Medway Set

  • English Creative Writing
  • Maths (CEM Style)
  • Verbal Reasoning (CEM Style)

Kent Set

  • Comprehension and SPaG
  • Maths (GL style)
  • Verbal Reasoning (GL style)
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning

You will receive your results in the form of a report displaying a raw score and a standardized score (this takes into account, the age of your child). It will indicate areas for improvement as well as an overall score and a cluster forecast for each set. Free post-assessment consultations will be available to all registered pupils, to discuss the results. Any external pupils wishing to discuss results in detail are more than welcome to book a consultation for a small fee.


Medway Set- 3 hours including breaks

Kent Set- 3 hours including breaks

Please contact the office for current dates and prices: 01634 814420