Right Tuition Academic Scholarship Scheme



The RTC Academic Scholarship Scheme is designed to help four of the most academically capable children in the Rochester and Tunbridge Wells communities.

We assess children who attend our Year 4 into Year Five exam and offer the highest achieving students a 30% discount on our Year 5 course and Easter mock exam.

This is a fantastic opportunity for parents of bright and motivated children. It is our way of rewarding those parents, who make great efforts to support their child’s learning, enabling them to meet their full potential and recognising the importance of challenging the mind. In our small group settings, it is so important to encourage high achieving children to work to their full potential, and they, too, have a great role in helping to bring up the ambitions of the whole group.

The students who pay full price for classes at our centre are not tested before they join and so have varying abilities. However, a large percentage end up achieving scores which place them in the top 25 percent of the country by the time they transition into secondary school, most of them grammar. Our schools are not highly pressurised environments, we simply have the advantage of small groups (no bigger than 10) and consistent teaching staff, along with meticulous marking methods and excellent parental communication.

If the parent and child, accepted onto this scheme, are interested in taking the 11 plus, we will give them a 30% discount on our Easter mock exam to make sure they have all the necessary skills and in order to prepare them emotionally for the experience.

If this is of interest to you, please get in touch to book the Year Four into Year Five assessment.

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