Rochester Workshops

SUNDAY WORKSHOPS – If you buy 6 workshops, you will get a free practice test!


MIND THE GAPS (Technical English)

On every 1st Sunday of the month, we will run this essential workshop which focuses on grammar, punctuation and spelling- helping children to bridge the gap between their creative and technical English skills. Seven sessions in total.

7th Oct: Capital letters and end of sentence punctuation (full stops, exclamation marks and question marks)

4th Nov: Commas,apostrophes (contractions), reminder of end of sentence marks

2nd Dec: Possessive apostrophes and general punctuation practice

6th Jan: Speech marks and reported speech

3rd Feb: Nouns and adjectives

3rd March: Verbs and adverbs

NO Apr

5th May: Revision of capitals, commas, apostrophes, homophones and nouns



On every 2nd Sunday of the month, we will run a series of Maths revision classes. These classes aim to help children to retain the core topics of primary maths, to build an essential 11 plus foundation. Seven sessions in total.

14th Oct: Famous numbers, sequences and negative numbers

11th Nov: Time

9th Dec: Shape and Space

13th Jan: Reflections and co-ordinates

10th Feb: Decimals and Money

10th Mar: Problem Solving 1

NO Apr

12th May: Problem Solving 2



On every third day of the month, this workshop aims to inspire the imagination and help children learn how best to translate their ideas to the page in an engaging and captivating way. Seven sessions in total.

21st Oct: Describing Characters

18th Nov: Describing Settings

16th Dec: Poetry

20th Jan: Instructions

17th Feb: Dialogue

17th Mar: Monologues and Speeches

NO Apr

19th May: Figures of Speech and Imaginative Language




This workshop is designed to help children who find it difficult to come up with initial ideas for creative writing and for those who struggle to plan a relevant plot line. Using different techniques involving discussion, the use of props, group storytelling and other exciting ways to conjure ideas and the imagination, children will develop a deeper understanding for the importance of relevant and exciting plot.

Next date: Monday 18th February



In this workshop, we aim to give children some practical advice on how to tackle a variety of maths problems. They will be guided through examples which show them how different tactics can help decipher different problems. They will learn the importance of notation during the interpretation of a question, as well as the importance of checking each answer. The second part of the workshop allows children to attempt questions on their own. The overall aim of this workshop is to try to dispel any fears children may have about problem solving. They will learn that when armed with the correct tools, any problem can be dismantled and solved easily.

Next date: Tuesday 19th February