Rochester Assessments & Mocks

YEAR 4 Transitioning into YEAR 5 Assessment 

Next Date: Saturday 31st August (9.00 am to 11.15 am) £60 per child.

(The RTC Academic Scholarship Scheme is designed to help three of the most academically capable children in the local community. We assess children who enter our Year 4 into Year 5 exam and offer the highest achieving students a 30% discount on our Year 5 course and Easter mock exam. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents of bright and motivated children. It is our way of rewarding those parents, who make great efforts to support their child’s learning, enabling them to meet their full potential and recognising the importance of challenging the mind.)

YEAR 5 WINTER 11+ Assessment

Next Date: TBC (2020)

YEAR 4 MID-YEAR Assessment

Next Dates: TBC (2020)

YEAR 5 SPRING 11+ Mock Assessment

Next Dates: TBC 2020

SUMMER 11+ Mock Assessment

Next Dates: 14th (Morning is fully booked), 21st (Morning is fully booked), 
22nd, 23rd, 24th July - please call 01634 814420 to book now

Click here for:Rochester Summer Mock Timetable and prices