Lessons ONLINE

RTC is excited to be able to offer our classes and courses online. Here, students will still be able to access our unique course, taught by our expert tutors. All you need is an internet connection and the Zoom app!

• Online lessons, will be accessed via Zoom Video Conferencing, in Maths, English and Science. Download the app here:


• Access to this facility is quick and easy to use. All parents will be sent clear instructions on how to click-in to their chosen class.

• Lessons are available for pupils at, both, Primary and Secondary level.

• These lessons are based upon the national  curriculum and held regularly throughout the week.

• Our Primary lessons make use of our exclusive learning materials. These have been developed over a number of years and are a key contributor towards our success.

To learn more about the schedule of classes that we offer, please visit our Timetables Tab for Rochester or Contact us directly for Tunbridge Wells .