Tunbridge Wells Languages (Italian, French and Mandarin)

Primary Italian for Key Stage 1&2

Our Primary Italian classes are suitable for children in Key Stage 1 and 2. The course structure is centred around learning new vocabulary and children developing their pronunciation of those new words. Pupils copy these words into their exercise books, which they take home to practise and reinforce what they have learned that week. Younger pupils receive specific attention in helping with their written work. The lesson always ends with fun games, which serve as an effective tool to embed what they have learned in the previous hour.

Secondary Italian for Key Stage 3&4

This Italian class is just as much for beginners, as well as for those with some prior knowledge of Italian. In addition to the introduction to new vocabulary, this class focuses on generating an understanding of grammar rules and developing their ability to hold a conversation in Italian.

Primary French for Key Stage 1&2

The teacher uses a combination of their own resources, as well as some more tried and tested published resources. The lesson structure varies from week to week; however, a typical week’s class will involve a little revision from the previous week, the introduction of a new topic (eliciting vocabulary, reading a text, etc) followed by a speaking practice. Class exercises are made to be fun and ​engage in a variety of media; such as dialogue, role-play, games and song. At the end of the lesson, children will reinforce their learning by writing in their exercise books, which are then taken home to practise. If some grammar needs to be introduced or revised, the teacher will choose a topic that leads to the grammar rule being learned in a fun manner.

Primary Mandarin for Key Stage 1&2

The study of Mandarin prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world. Learning Mandarin enables access to ideas and experiences from a different culture; to broaden career opportunities or simply to update the understanding of traditional and modern China.

Knowledge of Mandarin is a wonderful skill to have. Our Mandarin classes are fun and practical workshops, where children have a chance to learn something about the Chinese language, spoken and written through simple songs and movement, playground games, paper cutting and story.

Primary Mandarin for Key Stage 3&4

Our KS 3 & 4 Mandarin classes are exciting and inspiring for all at this stage, whether pupils are beginners or have some Mandarin experience. Our experienced teacher, Mr Wei Gao, will explain the nuances of an unfamiliar language in the pupil’s own mother tongue, and will make the links that the pupil can relate to. Mr Gao will recall the pupils’ natural cognitive functions with visual and auditory presentations and encourage the pupils’ curiosity for further exploration.