Hiring – Primary Level Teachers

As a Primary-level teacher, have you ever longed for the removal of endless, tiresome paperwork? For detailed lesson plans to be written for you? For fantastic, exclusive learning materials to be already-resourced and ready prepared? For class sizes to be small (below ten) and for the pupils to be enthusiastic learners? Have you, quite simply, ever wished to be able to concentrate more on your passion for teaching and delivering an exciting and invigorating lesson?


At The Right Tuition Company (RTC), we ensure that our teachers get to focus on doing what they enjoy most and what they do best – teaching! In addition, we enable the means for our teachers to feedback to parents on how their child is progressing. Getting to know students, nurturing their talent and appetite for learning, as well as establishing a clear line of communication between parent, pupil and teacher, are just some of the distinguishing features that make this model of education so appealing to any teacher.


If you want to build your tutoring portfolio, are thinking of returning to work part-time, or even thinking about coming out of retirement, RTC have the teaching opportunities for you in any of our Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge or Rochester tuition centres!


Please get in touch with us via Facebook, the website www.right-tuition.co.uk, or call direct on 01892 800492 (TW/Ton) or 01634 814420 (Roch).

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