GCSE (Maths, English Language and Literature, Science)

We offer weekly GCSE /IGCSE lessons in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. The lessons are suited to students in Years 10 & 11 and aim to improve skills, knowledge and confidence in these key subject areas.

Our specialist tutors focus on developing exam techniques and study skills in preparation for the exams. Furthermore, we run intensive GCSE revision courses in the Easter Holidays.

Our small classes, with an average of six pupils, allow for discussion based learning, giving pupils the chance to share ideas in a dynamic learning environment. Our RTC tutors will address any gaps in students’ knowledge and clarify misunderstandings.

Our classes are conducted in either small groups or on a one-to-one basis. All of our GCSE tutors have extensive experience in their teaching and have helped many students improve, often by several grades.

GCSE Maths Classes

Our expert Maths GCSE tutors tailor classes to each Maths student’s individual needs. The class is structured to allow pupils to work through past papers or focus on a particular topic of their choice. This class employs reinforcement strategies and the student is encouraged to understand the process by strict adherence to logic.

Through establishing a close line of understanding with the teacher, children get the opportunity to work on key gaps in knowledge, increase their confidence and learn tips and tricks for achieving success in their Maths GCSE exams.


GCSE English Language and Literature Class

Our English GCSE tutors structure this invigorating class around each pupil’s individual needs. Students are encouraged to bring in set tasks, which can provide a useful starting point. English Language exercises range from creative writing to basic comprehension skills. English Literature topics can involve a structured discussion of important themes relating to a specific text studied by a pupil. In addition, pupils develop an appreciation of poetry and gain those all- important analytical skills. Our excellent tutor has a firm grasp of the many different texts across the various exam boards used by local schools.


GCSE Science

Our GCSE Science classes offer experienced guidance and expert tutelage towards relevant scientific practice. Our knowledgeable and patient tutors enable students to build an appreciation for Science and embed a firm understanding of topics within the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students can begin to approach the difficult tasks and learn methods for improving the structure of their answers. All exam boards are covered.Our GCSE Science classes are either in small groups or in a one-to-one setting. Students work through past papers or structured questions linked to specific topics. Our teachers encourages students to advise, a week in advance, regarding any specific topics that they wish to cover in the following week’s class. Therefore, lessons are very much tailored towards students’ individual needs. Students are taught how to revise efficiently through mind maps, revision cards and using colours. Occasionally, pupils watch short video clips in support of difficult concepts. As a parent, you will receive regular feedback through e-mail or in person after the lesson. This presents an opportunity to discuss your child’s strengths, as well as their targets for improvement.