Year 5 Classes (11plus Kent and Medway)

Our Year 5 classes rotate on a three-week cycle, between Maths, English and Verbal reasoning.

Our week-by-week 11 plus syllabus leaves no stone unturned, as all topics for the eleven plus are covered systematically in rigorous detail. Since 1988, our unique syllabus has helped over six thousand children gain a place at their chosen grammar school.

A topic is devoted to each week’s class and children are given homework each week. This enables our specialist tutors to monitor progress methodically on a weekly basis. In addition, children consolidate the skills and knowledge that they have learned, as an independent learner, at home.

Their homework is marked meticulously and returned the following week. Our marking always contains useful and detailed feedback on notable achievements, as well as points for where and how progress can be achieved.

Alongside our tutors offering direct feedback to parents after each class, children take their books home with them. This gives parents a clear indication of what has been gone through in the lesson and how their child is progressing.

All our tutors are available for regular consultations, be that via the telephone, by email or in person at the centre.