RTC Teaching

Our Teaching Philosophy

Small Group Learning

We believe children learn best from a combination of interaction with like-minded peers and targeted support from their teachers. At RTC, lessons are tailored to suit the pupil’s learning needs and goals. Our small class sizes ensure your child will have the attention of an inspirational teacher in an excellent working environment. Learning is made to be stimulating and fun, where children are able to take new skills, enthusiasm and confidence back into the school classroom.

Expert Tutors

Through charismatic teacher-led instruction, we keep our pupils engaged, developing concentration and ensuring a clear understanding of each subject. Pupils develop a passion for their subjects and learn the skills to become independent learners. Our expert tutors encourage children to become curious learners who challenge themselves to go beyond the textbook, building a solid foundation in key skills such as logical thinking and problem solving.

Exam Specialists

We are specialists in helping children to prepare for exams, from eleven plus and thirteen plus entrance and scholarship, to GCSE and A Level. Our pupils are taught how to apply subject-specific knowledge and exam techniques. This gives them that vital boost towards improving their chances of achieving success in exams and beyond.


A Centre with a Difference– The Right Tuition Company (RTC) provide supplementary learning to children right across the academic spectrum. At RTC, we pride ourselves on delivering an all-round service that gives parents and children a stimulating approach to education. Understanding how we achieve success is summarised through our ‘Ten Point Difference’:

1. Teacher-led classes

Classes at RTC are always teacher-led. Through a traditional philosophy of education, our expert, experienced and enthusiastic teachers instil a love of learning where children are encouraged to go beyond the textbook in their quest to learn.

2. A personalised approach

All RTC staff are dedicated to helping understand the pupils as individuals; their interests, characteristics and specific aspirations. This vital information is shared securely with tutors, managers and directors alike, to ensure that everyone is fully informed and therefore collectively able to help students reach their goals.

3. No Sign-up fee  

We don’t charge a sign up fee ask that you commit to classes for any amount of time. Quite often, it’s a good idea to pay weekly until you are sure that it is right for you. After the first few lessons, tutors will be able to give you feedback on how suitable the classes are, as well as an idea of the level which your child is currently achieving.

4. Regular Assessments and Practice Tests

We offer Assessments throughout the year and Practice Tests in the second half of the year. These are a fantastic learning tool, enabling  all parties to identify areas of relative strength and weakness as well as providing children with a chance to improve confidence in sitting tests under exam conditions.

5. Exclusive learning materials

Our exclusive materials have been developed over many years and are constantly being revised to fit the ever-changing demands of the national curriculum. We do not license our materials to any other companies and so they are completely unique to the RTC course.

6. Marking

All work is marked thoroughly. There will be marks and comments outlining areas of excellence, in addition to any areas where improvements can be sought. Striking a balance between building confidence and citing gaps in knowledge is vital to progressive learning. Parents are advised to study the marked assessments to gain a better understanding of their child’s performance.

7. Small groups

As a policy, we make sure class sizes never go above ten. This achieves the most effective blend of collective learning and, moreover, enabling children to receive that essential individual attention from the teacher.

8. Classes with a difference

Alongside our regular classes for English and Maths, the 11+, 13+ entrance and scholarship, GCSE and A Level, we offer lessons to Primary pupils in Latin and Greek as well as language classes for pupils of all ages in Mandarin, Italian, French and Spanish at our Tunbridge Wells centre. We also offer evening adult education classes in English as a foreign language.

9. Regular Workshops

We offer termly workshops to help children improve and enjoy skills such as ‘Using the Imagination’ and ‘Problem Solving’ as well as monthly, revision based workshops where children can brush up on their SPag and Maths skills. Other exciting workshops involve career guidance, music (brass, string and woodwind) and Mandarin. These are a wonderful way of engaging adults and children in new areas of interest.

10. Ofsted Registered

We are voluntarily registered with Ofsted and so are able to accept childcare vouchers. We are passionate about extending the colossal benefits of supplementary learning to an ever-wider audience.