A Lesson in Fun!

A Lesson in Fun!


In my experience, the fundamental characteristic amongst our nation’s great teachers, which enables them to be considered as some of the world’s very best, is the sharp wit and broader appreciation for the part played by humour within an engaging and invigorating classroom setting.

Just as we can all acknowledge the dire consequences of having a teacher that possesses all the charisma and humour of a wet flannel, we, too, can very much relate to the fond memory of a teacher that captivated an audience and inspired us to develop an inherent curiosity and an overall desire to learn. Within the present environment of high stakes testing, budgetary challenges and increased demands on educators and pupils alike, it is important to remind ourselves that, when humour plays a central role within lessons, individuals, as well as the class as a whole, benefit together.

A teacher’s razor-sharp wit is a vital catalyst towards building a healthy learning relationship through the joyful confluence of head and heart.

Moreover, a lot of recent research points towards the way in which humour can reduce stress and tension in the classroom, which, in turn, improves the ability of pupils to retain information and encourages an enhanced level of understanding. Above all, a teacher’s sense of humour can achieve a collective sense of pleasure and appreciation through the positive, emotional experience that the students share with each other and the teacher. Rightly or wrongly, I believe that our current education system has a tendency to shackle teachers to some overly strict parameters in which to operate; thereby reducing the potential for creative expression and overall fun to be enjoyed.

At The Right Tuition Company, we place the highest importance upon our fantastic teachers, both Primary and Secondary, feeling the freedom and flexibility to put their-own amusing, creative stamp on the lessons they teach.

Teaching is about establishing a strong line of communication and trust between pupil and teacher. The quickest way to achieve this goal is by making a pupil smile, laugh and become excited about learning. Learning should never have to be perceived as a chore; however, the prevalence of wit can have a lasting impact upon a child – be that turning a corner in the learning process or, quite simply, allowing a renewed approach and increased confidence to unfold.

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