Parents Tips, Tricks and Tools Event

Parents’ Tips, Tricks and Tools Event

We are excited to be launching our Parents’ – Tips, Tricks and Tools event. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn some new techniques to encourage your child to study to the best of their ability.

We need to be more proactive in involving our young people in conversations about how they can approach learning. Here at The Right Tuition Company, we believe that from a young age, children need opportunities to learn about applying the right learning technique for the right task. These are teachable, learnable skills that we will equip you with at the event.


Parents’ Tips, Tricks and Tools

  • Revision of basic Maths topics such as fractions, decimals, averages, etc and how to explain these to your child;
  • Memory games, repetitions and methods to help your children to retain facts;
  • Ideas on how to create fun exercises at home to improve vocabulary;
  • The power of positive reinforcement!

Dates and times:

Rochester – Sunday 6 or 13 August 3.30pm – 5.30pm.

Cost: £15 per person. Limited spaces – booking required.


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