Year 5 Kent Test English

Our Kent Test English (KTE) class focuses exclusively upon the areas assessed in the English part of the Kent Test; multiple choice comprehension, as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar rules (SPAG).


Children learn techniques for how to read questions carefully, evaluate a passage of writing and pick up on subtle clues left by the writer. Acquiring a methodical approach to analysing a passage of writing is at the heart of good comprehension skills. Children are taught tips and tricks for citing evidence as proof for a chosen answer.

Technical Skills (SPAG)

Excellent technical skills are central to any piece of writing. Our Kent Test English class aims to bolster children’s understanding of a range of grammar rules, as well as develop an advanced knowledge of how different types of punctuation can be used, both, suitably and effectively.

This is the perfect preparation for 11+ English. 

This course currently offered at RTC Rochester, and  RTC Tunbridge Wells 
To find out more please contact your closest centre.