Assessments and Advice

We offer regular academic assessments, throughout the year, to existing and external pupils. All RTC parents have constant access to free professional advice on their child’s progress as well as free consultation regarding appeals.


Free Introductory Academic Assessment

Our free introductory academic assessment is that all important learning tool that enables us to identify areas of relative strength and weakness. Through this, we develop a programme of lessons that are tailored towards achieving progress for your child.

Assessment and feedback go hand-in-hand and are an integral part of everything that we do. This vital introductory measure allows for an informed approach towards the achievement of each child’s future progress.

Full Formal Assessment – £90

This is no horrible test! Our Year 4 and 5 full formal assessment contains forty and fifty Maths questions respectively, forty minutes of creative writing and a short logic test. This is conducted at the centre, under the guidance of our experienced professionals. The duration of the assessment is approximately an hour and three-quarters. As mentioned above, this is not a horrible test. In fact, children come out of the assessment with smiles on their faces, claiming to have enjoyed the process!

Assessment Feedback 

Feedback is at the heart of the education service that we provide. The assessment is explained via a written report with standardised scores, national grading boundaries and detailed analysis of performance in specific topics. In addition, the Centre Director will follow this up with a telephone call to talk through the report, put the scores into context and discuss a plan for the forthcoming classes.

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‘We are very impressed with the quality of tutoring and the support.’
James, Father of Lexie (aged 8)