RTC Tunbridge Wells

RTC Tunbridge Wells

Tutor Tunbridge Wells Rochester Sevenoaks Kent Tuition 11+


3 Calverley St,
Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2BZ

01892 800492


Our current timetable

Tutor Tunbridge Wells Rochester Sevenoaks Kent Tuition 11+

Please view our Summer 11+ Revision Timetable Here: August 11+ Revision Timetable 2018
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Right Tuition Company Tutor Tunbridge Wells Rochester Sevenoaks Kent
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  • Personal recommendation by friends and family account for the majority of our intake
  • Our 11+ success rate exceeds 90%, year-upon-year
  • Although we have much experience in helping children prepare for tests, we accept students of all abilities and aim to improve their skills and confidence; regardless of whether they plan to enter exams

At RTC, we are strictly non-computer based. We promote the value of a traditional philosophy of education, focusing upon the development of a child’s skills and knowledge. Our charismatic and inspirational teacher-led classes enable children to become curious learners who challenge themselves to go beyond the textbook. Our RTC tutors are specialists in helping children to prepare for exams; eleven plus, thirteen plus entrance and scholarship, GCSE and A Level. Our small class sizes (maximum of eight pupils) encourage children to ask questions, develop an inquisitive mindset and accelerate learning at their own pace. Learning is made to be stimulating and fun, ensuring that children take new skills, enthusiasm and confidence back into the school classroom.

First Steps

When a new pupil arrives at our tuition centre, we invest time in establishing a relationship; understanding their interests, characteristics and overall aims in terms of subject improvement. After the first initial meeting at the centre, all new RTC pupils, from year 4 to ks3 level, will have an informal assessment. This lays the foundations for each child to gain a carefully tailored programme of academic support that suits the specific needs of the child. Children always receive their first class free of charge, which allows for that all-important taster session.

 To arrange your child’s first lesson, simply call our centre on: 01892 800492

 Our Mission

We are acutely aware of the far-reaching benefits that small group learning can offer children. It is our mission to extend these benefits to an ever wider demographic. As we are Ofsted registered, we can accept childcare vouchers. This offers parents a tax-efficient method to conduct payment. We are passionate about being the catalyst for turning a good education into a great education.

Our Courses 

Please contact our Tunbridge Wells centre directly for current classes and courses on offer 

RatesRight Tuition Company Tutor Tunbridge Wells Rochester Sevenoaks Kent

Please contact our friendly staff for details on pricing and rates. All of which are inclusive of support and advice, free assessment, free first class, pencils, pens, other stationery, books, learning materials and consultations with experienced staff.

01892 800492 / tunbridgewells@right-tuition.co.uk

Childcare Vouchers 

Right Tuition Ofsted RegisteredAs The Right Tuition Company are registered with Ofsted as a childcare provider, we are able to accept payment through Childcare Vouchers.

This is a tax-efficient way to save money on your lesson costs, and can be arranged through your work-place.

Please contact Stephanie, the RTC Tunbridge Wells centre manager, for more details.

Stephanie: 01892 800492 / tunbridgewells@right-tuition.co.uk