RTC in the Community

Pro Bono Classes, Scholarships and Links to Local Charities

Pro Bono Class

We get to see, first hand, the immense benefits that a child can gain from a more personalised approach to education. For too long, ‘tutoring’ has been the unjust privilege of the few. Alongside our small group model, which allows us to drive down rates for classes, we have pro bono classes that offer free education to children from ‘disadvantaged’ backgrounds. We work closely with local schools, extending the opportunity to learn to Year 5 pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM).

Our weekly Year 5 pro bono class is on Tuesdays, between 5-6pm. The class is focused upon improving children’s skills in Maths and English, as well as developing their ability to apply logic and problem solve through the study of Reasoning.

RTC Scholarship Schemes

We have two different types of scholarship scheme. First, we offer Maths and English classes, at a substantially reduced rate (up to 50% off), to children from families that fall just outside the FSM bracket (between £16-20K annual household income). This is open to pupils in Years 4 and 5, and we offer three scholarships places per academic year. This scholarship scheme is not dependent upon academic ability; just a desire to learn.

Our second scholarship scheme has two available places each year and is for exceptionally gifted pupils as they enter Year 5. We aim to offer this RTC scholarship to a child from a low-income family (£16-20K annual household income), that is working towards Level 5 and interested in gaining a place at a grammar school. Children are assessed via our RTC Scholarship Assessment, which is held in the first week of September.

Working with Local Charities

We are delighted to be supporting AIM, a local 11+ charity. AIM is affiliated with Number One Community Trust and was set up by a group of three local mums to ‘level the playing field’ and offer 11+ preparation to bright children from low income families. Like AIM, The Right Tuition Company are passionate about making supplementary education available to all; thereby making Grammar School a realistic prospect for an ever-widening demographic.

We are pleased to be able to help AIM by providing the charity with RTC tutors, our exclusive learning materials and on-going education advice and guidance.


We are also very happy collaborate with Kallikids, which provide online information to parents about reputable children’s activities and services. Over the past two years, we have worked with Kallikids to offer free education to children from less privileged socio-economic backgrounds.

Alfie, who joined RTC classes half way through Year 4, has just entered Year 6. During this time, it has been a joy to see him mature; growing in confidence and deriving enjoyment from the learning experience. He has developed an impressive set of skills that equips him handsomely for the imminent transition to Secondary school. Our congratulations to Alfie for all his hard work!


We are proud to sponsor the Anchorians Under 10 Girls’ team (The Hearts) and the Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club (TWRFC) Under 11s’ team.



Our Teaching Philosophy

Small Group Learning

We believe children learn best from a combination of interaction with like-minded peers and targeted support from their teachers. At RTC, lessons are tailored to suit the pupil’s learning needs and goals. Our small class sizes ensure your child will have the attention of an inspirational teacher in an excellent working environment. Learning is made to be stimulating and fun, where children are able to take new skills, enthusiasm and confidence back into the school classroom.

Expert Tutors

Through charismatic teacher-led instruction, we keep our pupils engaged, developing concentration and ensuring a clear understanding of each subject. Pupils develop a passion for their subjects and learn the skills to become independent learners. Our expert tutors encourage children to become curious learners who challenge themselves to go beyond the textbook, building a solid foundation in key skills such as logical thinking and problem solving.

Exam Specialists

We are specialists in helping children to prepare for exams, from eleven plus and thirteen plus entrance and scholarship, to GCSE and A Level. Our pupils are taught how to apply subject-specific knowledge and exam techniques. This gives them that vital boost towards improving their chances of achieving success in exams and beyond.

Our step-by-step approach to ensure each child reaches his/her potential:

1. Initial meeting at the centre with the Centre Director.

2. Individual academic assessment by one of our teachers.

3. Suggest tuition programme based on assessment and allocation of students into a suitable class.

4. Enrol pupils in regular once or twice weekly classes.

5. Homework, exclusive learning materials and study packs aligned with student’s specific learning needs and goals.

6. Regular feedback on progress after each-and-every class.

Read some of our testimonials here

 ‘The summer revision classes were of great help. I would recommend the centre to prospective parents with a child who has potential.’
Mrs S, Mother of Ben (aged 10)