11+ and GCSE Revision Courses

At The Right Tuition Company, we offer:

  • Our revision courses include a blend of teacher-led tuition and clarification on difficult topics, overall revision and exam technique.
  • We offer tips and tricks as well as mock papers with individual feedback from the teacher.
  • Our tutors will show the student how tackle the most challenging aspects of the course and what examiners are looking for.

11+ Revision Courses

Easter 11+ Revision

During the Easter Holidays, we run a four day 11+ Revision Course and 11+ Mock Assessments. These immensely popular and productive classes have played a pivotal role in helping children to fill key gaps in knowledge; thereby increasing levels of confidence and building that all-important momentum, as we enter the run-in towards September’s quiz

August  11+ Revision

Our 11+ revision classes take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout August, with Thursday being a repeat of Wednesday’s classes. This is designed in such a way so as to offer flexibility upon which day you can attend. Year after year, our August 11+ revision classes have been the vital catalyst towards ensuring that children achieve a positive result in September’s quiz. The classes give children comprehensive oversight of ALL aspects of the Kent Test. In addition, these classes offer a healthy balance between the revision of essential and challenging 11+ topics, as well as a series of timed exercises. Our exclusive learning materials are developed in a way that reflect the precise nature and wording of the 11+ questions that they expect to face. Our August revision classes are structured in a way that enables knowledge, skills and confidence to stay refreshed, topped up and further developed, whilst also allowing for those fundamental periods of rest and relaxation.

GCSE Revision Courses

During the Easter Holidays, we offer core subject revision courses for GCSE pupils along with past papers practice sessions. The course includes four days of Science, three days of Maths and two days of English. The revision course is applicable to all children, regardless of whichever Exam Board children have been following. These immensely popular classes have played a pivotal role in helping children to achieve excellent results in their exams.


This course currently offered at RTC Rochester and RTC Tunbridge Wells  
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